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Living Longer for Dummies, by Dr. Walter M. Bortz II

living longer for dummies

Living Longer for Dummies

Living Longer for Dummies. What's the average human life span...72 years...78 years? Actually, science has determined that humans were designed to live 120 years, and that, until now, most people died too soon. Itís also now clear that most of the maladies we commonly associate with aging, such as frailty, senility, and arthritis arenít part of natureís plan, but the result of other factors such as bad nutrition, disease ,and disuse. Best of all is the news that, no matter how old you are or what shape youíre in, you can take steps to reverse the aging process that has already occurred in you and to slow your rate of aging in the future.

Living Longer for Dummies, by Dr. Walter Bortz II

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