Dare to be 100 and beyond
with Walter M. Bortz II, M.D.
What are the secrets of living a long and healthy life?
Dare to be 100? Want to live a long healthy life? Why not? Hallmark Cards expects to sell at least 85,000 100th birthday cards each year. If you think you'll live to be 100, you're already on the road to getting there. Longevity begins with the right attitude, which involves staying active every day, physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. This website, like my life, is dedicated to helping people live a long, robust life to 100 and beyond.

Anyone, at any age can improve his or her vitality. My life-long research, my books, and my experience have proved this truth time and again. I invite you to DARE to be 100 and beyond. Read my DARE to you, check out the free articles the Longevity Library, see the Q&A about aging, longevity, and living a long, robust life.

With smarts and guts you can dare to be 100!

A few of the life-enhancing & life-extending benefits of excercise include:
  • Improved circulation by lowering blood pressure cholesterol levels
  • Reduced risk of cancer
  • Boosted immune system & resistance to infections
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased alertness
Find out more about anti-aging & longevity.
The Longevity Library has dozens of articles written or co-written by Walter M. Bortz II, M.D., including Redefining Human Aging Physical Fitness, Aging and Sexuality, Disuse and Aging, and Running as Armor.
Click the tabs below the the four principles of D.A.R.E.
Diet:  When you're a zoo animal, you must be carefully fed, but wild animals can eat anything. While a carefully-controlled diet is important for a sedentary person, exercise, can boost your metabolism and help slow the aging process in ways that diet alone can't. The more of the "E" (Exercise) you can DARE, the less you will have to worry about the "D" (diet).

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What are the 99 steps to get to 100? Click here.

Walter M. Bortz II
Walter M. Bortz II, MD.
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dare to be 100
dare to be 100
dare to be 100

The Steps to 100

Step 1: anti-aging nutrition
Step 2: read well to eat well
Step 3: time to eat?
Step 4: your body's need for calories
Step 5: fat alert
Step 6: count cholesterol
Step 7: push carbs
Step 8: protein pros and cons
Step 9: don't dry up
Step 10: slash the salt
Step 11: keep your fiber up
Step 12: vitamin care
Step 13: calcium matters
Step 14: a coffee break for longevity
Step 15: alcohol: anti-aging foe or friend?
Step 16: chemical cuisine?
Step 17: beware free radicals
Step 18: cancer-fighting diet
Step 19: believe in longevity
Step 20: be necessary
Step 21: find meaning
Step 22: be an optimist
Step 23: take risks
Step 24: stay in control
Step 25: maintain the creative spark
Step 26: seek wisdom
Step 27: be a responsible ager
Step 28: have options
Step 29: be a good neighbor
Step 30: cherish experience
Step 31: get high on helping
Step 32: learn to learn
Step 33: don't kill yourself
Step 34: keep your senses sharp
Step 35: train your brain
Step 36: build memory
Step 37: keep order
Step 38: be attractive
Step 39: recognize that sex is for life
Step 40: stay in touch
Step 41: take rx pet
Step 42: keep family strong
Step 43: don't take yourself so seriously
Step 44: work with stress
Step 45: have time sense
Step 46: know your primary doctor
Step 47: pamper your glands
Step 48: be a good loser
Step 49: stay in tune
Step 50: stay on the road
Step 51: recognize depression
Step 52: die well
Step 53: have guts
Step 54: recharge yourself
Step 55: stay in flow
Step 56: renew your health
Step 57: cherish your world
Step 58: think travel
Step 59: think when, where, and why retire
Step 60: make your last nest your best
Step 61: beware of retirement myths
Step 62: afford retirement
Step 63: have a life money plan
Step 64: be wealth fit--save
Step 65: keep working
Step 66: spend it all
Step 67: lobby for yourself
Step 68: use leisure
Step 69: re-learn, re-think, re-educate
Step 70: sleep enough
Step 71: keep in rhythm
Step 72: steps for the woman
Step 73: steps for the man
Step 74: keep in rhythm
Step 75: know how hard, long, & often to exercise
Step 76: realize it's never too late
Step 77: make time for exercise
Step 78: when tired, exercise
Step 79: don't fear exercise
Step 80: it's ok to be sore
Step 81: watch your fuel gauge
Step 82: learn with what & when to fuel exercise
Step 83: keep your oxygen tanks full
Step 84: make exercise your circulation's best friend
Step 85: be strong
Step 86: stay loose
Step 87: stay balanced
Step 88: stand straight
Step 89: work dem bones
Step 90: respect your back
Step 91: honor your neck
Step 92: keep breathing
Step 93: use your brain -- exercise
Step 94: chase the blues
Step 95: be sexy, be fit
Step 96: avoid the big C -- exercise
Step 97: walk away from infection
Step 98: know that aging is incurable
Step 99: you don't have to win
Step 100: just do it

For a full description of each of the 99 steps to 100, buy Dare To Be 100 in the Shop.

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